In many of these cases I have used the perchloride internally, and applied it to the throat mixed with equal parts of glycerin and water, or through an atomizer, with satisfactory results, but I recommend it most in cases which assume a malignant or putrid form; benefit is often obtained by painting the swollen cervical glands with the liquor ferri.

I have treated many cases of articular inflammation occurring during scarlatina, and closely resembling articular rheumatism, showing high temperature and great prostration, with 5 to 10-min. doses of tincture of perchloride three or four times daily, with excellent results, the joints being also painted with the liq. ferri perchlor. Meade writes to recommend the same medicine in frequent doses of 10 to 15 min. (Medical Times, i., 1858); and Arlidge believes it to be not only valuable as a remedy during the attack, but as a preventive of dropsy (British Medical Journal, ii., 1871). Fears have been expressed - as in the case of diphtheria - of its increasing renal congestion, but I have never seen injurious effects which could reasonably be traced to it, and Dr. Crighton makes the same observation (British Medical Journal, i., 1869). He considers that any risk of this kind may be obviated or lessened by combining liquor ammoniae acetatis with the iron compound, thus assisting the action of the skin, and I believe the combination to be very serviceable in febrile and inflammatory cases.

The perchloride has sometimes been used with very good effect to relieve the throat-condition in variola (Medical Record, January, 1873), and the course of the malady itself seems to have been favorably modified; half-drachm doses of the tincture were given every four hours in a severe case occurring in the seventh month of pregnancy, and the patient did well (Ranking, ii., 1866).