"Iodine paint" is a common and often a useful application to enlarged and hardened glands in the neck, groin, etc.; but sometimes the constant application of iodine lotion (1/2 oz. of tincture to 1/2 pint of water) gives a better result, and is less painful. Mr. F. Jordan recommends painting iodine not over, but round the enlarged glands, and this is sometimes more advantageous.

If suppuration has occurred, the tincture should be painted over the neighboring thin skin; and if the open sore remain indolent, it should be dressed with iodoform ointment, or with a solution of about 2 dr. of tincture in 1/2 pint of water, and applied on lint covered with oiled silk. In certain glandular enlargements, the direct injection of iodine tincture acts better and more quickly. Bonalimi (Medical Record, 1876), found it more serviceable when the growth was not scrofulous; but Mr. Bradley, writing more recently, recorded a very favorable experience: 1, in true hypertrophy of lymphatic glands; 2, in strumous hypertrophy, before softening has occurred; 3, in hard multiple lymphomata and encap-suled cervical tumor. He used from 5 to 10 min. of tincture, at intervals of four to five days (Lancet, ii., 1875). Marston was one of the first to use this method.

The application of iodoform ointment or iodoform collodion deserves trial before resorting to the injection. I have seen some cases as remarkable as the following, recorded by Dr. J. Moleschott. A scrofulous man had a growth of cervical glands the size of a large fist, which was but little affected by iodide and bromide treatment, internal and external, and continued for nearly three years. In November, 1870, collodion 15 parts and iodoform 1 part were ordered to be applied night and morning; in one month the tumor was reduced one-half; in April it had disappeared; six years after it had not recurred. Two children with similar cervical growths, unaffected by ointment of iodide of potassium, Were cured in a few weeks by iodoform; and a woman, in whom the growth was of "cartilaginous hardness" and as large as a hen's egg, and of some years' existence, obtained benefit after three months' use of iodoform ointment (1 in 15), and cure within twelve months (Medical Record, November 15, 1878).