The former reputation of this acid as a cure for syphilis (Medical Quarterly Review, 1835) in Vienna, need be mentioned only as an historical fact (Nothnagel). The aqua regia may, however, prove of service in chronic cachetic conditions.

Preparations And Dose

Acidum hydrochloricum dilutum: dose, 10 to 30 min. freely diluted. The strong acid, given internally in an undiluted form, is an irritant poison.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Acidum muriaticum, sp. gr. 1.160; Acidum muriaticum dilutum: muriatic acid 4 troyounces, distilled water, sufficient to make 1 pint.]


Sulphurous and sulphuric acids, chlorine, and iron. The commercial acid is often colored from the presence of iron impurities.