Dr. Hudson and others remarked the great improvement in certain uterine symptoms during the exhibition of silver, and recorded cure of many cases of menorria, of uterine leucorrhoea, and of painful menstruation, though not with the scientific precision now expected. Many cases occurred at the menopause, some during pregnancy, and in several a previous long sterility was followed by fecundation: simple vaginal leucorrhoea was not benefited.

Guided partly by this marked sympathy between the gastric and the uterine conditions, I have prescribed the oxide for nervous highly-sensitive women suffering from gastrodynia and pyrosis, with coincident uterine flux, and have often seen marked and immediate improvement in both symptoms, and without any drawback. The use of the medicine need not, however, be restricted to such cases; its action is somewhat similar to that of bismuth, and it may be used if that should fail to relieve. It has the advantage of being effective in a much smaller dose:

1/10 to 1/2 gr. is usually quite sufficient, and in the form of a minute pill this is readily taken. I have not seen the irritation from it which has sometimes been described, nor the salivation which might be produced by its too prolonged use, nor any symptoms of argyria. It should not, however, be continued for many weeks consecutively. It is useful for cases in which arsenic also relieves, and an interesting fact is that this remedy and bismuth have often an equally good influence over uterine loss when connected or coincident with gastric disorder.

In the cardialgia and vomiting of pregnancy I have found it useful when many other remedies fail to give the slightest relief.