This Series has been projected to meet the demand of Medical Students and Practitioners for compact and authoritative Manuals, which shall embody the most recent discoveries, and present them to the reader in a cheaper and more portable form than has till now been customary in Medical Works.

Each Manual will contain all the information required for the Medical Examinations of the various Colleges, Halls, and Universities in the United Kingdom and the Colonies.

The Authors will be found to be either Examiners or the leading Teachers in well-known Medical Schools. This will ensure the practical utility of the Series, while the introduction of the results of the latest scientific researches, British and Foreign, will recommend them also to Practitioners who desire to keep pace with the swift strides that are being made in Medicine and Surgery.In the rapid advance in modern Medical knowledge, new subjects have come to the front which have not as yet been systematically handled, nor the facts connected with them properly collected. The treatment of such subjects will form an important feature of this Series.

New and valuable Illustrations will be freely introduced. The Manuals will be printed in clear type, upon good paper. They will be of a size convenient for the pocket, and bound in red cloth limp, with red edges. They will contain from 300 to 540 pages, and will be published at prices varying from 4s. 6d. to 7s. 6d.

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