Belladonnae Folia-Belt,a donna Leaves.-The fresh leaves, with the branches to which they are attached, of Deadly Nightshade, Atropa Belladonna ; also the leaves separated from the branches and carefully dried; gathered from wild or cultivated British plants when the fruit has begun to form.

Characters.-Leaves alternate, three to six inches long, ovate, acute, entire, smooth, the uppermost in pairs and unequal.

The expressed juice, or an infusion, dropped into the eye, dilates the pupil.

Substances resembling Belladonna Leaves: Stramonium leaves, more wrinkled; Hyoscyamus leaves, which are hairy.

Belladonnas Radix-Belladonna Boot.-The dried root of Atropa belladonna. Cultivated in Britain or imported from Germany.

Characters.-From one to two feet long, and from half an inch to two inches thick, branched and wrinkled, brownish-white. An infusion dropped into the eye dilates the pupil.

Composition.-Besides the ordinary constituents of plants, "belladonna root and leaves contain two alkaloids: (1) atropia, and (2) belladonnin, homologous with atropia, and identical with hyoscyamia, daturia, and duhoisia. These alkaloids exist as malates in the plant.

Preparations. a. Of Belladonnoe Folia:

1. Extractum Belladonnae

Extractum Belladonnae. A green extract. 100 of the fresh leaves in 4. D~ose, 1/4 to 2 gr.

From the Extract are prepared: a. Emplastrum Belladonnae.

b. Unguentum Belladonnae.-80 gr. to 1 oz. of Lard.

2. Succus Belladonnae-Fresh juice, 3 ; Spirit, 1. Dose, 5 to 15 min.

3. Tinctura Belladonnae

Tinctura Belladonnae. 1 of dried leaves in 20. Dose, 5 to 30 min.

b. Of Belladonnoe Radix: Linimentum Belladonnae.-1 oz. to 1 fl.oz. Spirit, with Camphor.

From Belladonna Root is made: