Albumen Ovi-Egg Albumen.-The liquid white of the egg of Gallus Banckiva, var. domesticus.

Composition.-White of egg contains 86 percent. of water, and 14 per cent. of solids, chiefly albumen, with a little fat, sugar, and sulphates.

Action And Uses

White of egg is demulcent and nutritive, of value in some cases of irritability of the stomach. It is also a valuable antidote in poisoning by corrosives and irritants, especially perchloride of mercury, sulphate of copper, lead, and nitrate of silver.

Ovi Vitellus-Yolk of Egg.-The yolk of the egg of Gallus Banckiva, var. domesticus.

Composition.-Yolk of egg contains 16 per-cent. of albumin, and a modification of it called vitellin (not precipitated by lead or copper); 30 per-cent. of fatty bodies containing phosphorus and colouring matter, soluble in ether ; salts ; and water.


Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici-Egg Flip. The Yolks of 2 Eggs; Brandy, 4 fl.oz.; Cinnamon Water, 4 fl.oz.; Refined Sugar, 1/2 oz. Dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz.

Action And Uses

Yolk of egg is highly nutritive, and the Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici is a very valuable food and stimulant in conditions of extreme exhaustion.