Ficus-Fig.-The dried fruit of Ficus Carica. Imported from Smyrna.

Composition.-Figs contain chiefly sugar and mucilaginous substances.

Figs are contained in Confectio Sennae.

Action And Uses

The dried fig is a very pleasant demulcent and nutritive substance with laxative properties, and may be ordered as an article of diet in habitual constipation. It is sometimes used locally as a poultice to gum-boils.

Mori Succus-Mulberry Juice.-The Juice of the ripe fruit of Morus nigra.

Characters.-Of a dark violet colour, with a faint odour, and an acidulous sweet taste.

Preparation. Syrupus Mori.-Dose, 1 to 2 fl.dr.

Action And Use

Mulberry juice is a pleasant flavouring and colouring agent.