Areca - Areca Nut. - The seed of Areca Catechu, the Betel Nut Tree. Imported from the East Indies.

Characters.-The nuts are about the size of a nutmeg, but less wrinkled and more globular, and not aromatic; reddish-brown externally, having a flattened base and somewhat conical apex. The interior is hard, dark brown, finely marbled with white. Inodorous, with astringent taste.

Composition.-Areca contains catechu, tannic and gallic acids, areca-red, gum, and oily matter. Dose.-1/2 to 3/4 oz.

Action And Uses

Areca nut is astringent and anthelmintic, and has been used in diarrhoea and helminthiasis. It is rarely given.