The dried unripe berries of the Allspice tree, Eugenia Pimenta. West Indies.

Characters. - Of the size of a small pea, brown, rough, crowned with the teeth of the calyx, yellowish within, and containing two dark brown seeds. Odour and taste aromatic, hot, and peculiar.

Substances resembling Pimenta: Pepper, which has no calyx.

Composition. - Pimento contains chiefly the officinal volatile oil, identical with oil of cloves.


1. Oleum Pimentae

Oleum Pimentae. The oil distilled from the fruit in England. Colourless, becoming brown by keeping. Sinks in water. Dose, 1 to 3 min.

2. Aqua Pimentae

Aqua Pimentae. 1 in 11 1/2, by distillation. Dose, 1 to 2 oz.

Pimenta is also contained in Syrupus Rhamni.

Action And Uses

The action and uses of pimento are the same as those of the preparations of cloves, and other aromatica.