A sediment from the juice of the squirting cucumber fruit.

Preparation. - Expressing the juice, separating the deposit by straining, and drying by a gentle heat on porous tiles.

Fig. 194.   Elaterium.

Fig. 194. - Elaterium.

Characters. - In cakes, about 1/10 th inch thick, light, friable, slightly in. curved, greenish-grey, tea-like smell, acrid and bitter.

Composition. - Elaterium is composed of elaterin, with starch and fibrous and colouring matters.

Impurities. - Chalk and earthy matter fraudulently added.

Tests. - Does not effervesce with acids (absence of chalk), yields half its weight to boiling rectified spirit. It should yield 25 per cent. or not less than 20 per cent. of elaterin.

Dose. - 1/16th to 1/2 gr.

Preparation, B. and U.S.P. Elaterinum.