Kousso, in coarse powder, 1/4 oz.; boiling distilled water, 4 fl. oz. Infuse in a covered vessel for fifteen minutes without straining.

U.S.P. Infusum Brayerae. Infusion of Brayera. - Brayera in No. 20 powder, 6; boiling water, 100. Pour the boiling water on the brayera and let it macerate in a covered vessel until cool. This infusion should be dispensed without straining.

Action and Use. - Cusso is used as an anthelmintic for tapeworm. Kosin or coussine, which is the active principle, administered in 20-gr. doses acts quite as well as the infusion, and has not the disadvantage of producing nausea and vomiting, which are sometimes caused by the infusion of the pharmacopoeias.