Infuse 150 grains of linseed, with 50 grains of dried liquorice-root in No. 20 powder, in 10 ounces of boiling water in a covered vessel for 2 hours and strain.

Action and Uses. - Linseed tea is a most useful demulcent in coughs depending in whole or in part on irritation of the pharynx and upper part of the respiratory passages. It may be kept warm all night in a baby's food-warmer, and a sip taken whenever the patient awakes. This often prevents troublesome paroxysms of coughing, and enables the patient to obtain a fair night's rest. Internally it is used as a demulcent drink in enteritis, diarrhoea, dysentery, catarrh, and irritation of the urinary organs, also in phosphorus-poisoning.

B.P. Lini Farina. Linseed Meal. - Linseed reduced to powder. It is used not only in the cataplasma lini but also in the cataplasma carbonis, conii, sinapis, and sodae chlorinatae.

B.P. cataplasma Ziini. Linseed Poultice. - Mix a quarter of a pound (about 4 tablespoonfuls) of linseed-meal gradually with half a pint of boiling water with constant stirring.

Uses. - Linseed meal forms an excellent vehicle for applying warmth and moisture, and is used in the form of poultices in inflammation of both superficial and deep-seated parts (p. 468).