This Work contains, in addition to the Lettsomian Lectures, a number of other Papers by the Author on similar subjects. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

'Distinguished by accurate observation and original thinking, these papers have been largely instrumental in moulding current medical opinion in regard to many of the subjects with which they are concerned.' - Edinburgh Medical Journal.

'We can cordially recommend the volume, as one which combines much practical and technical information and sound common sense.' - London Medical Record.

'The book, in short, must be studied in the closet rather than glanced at in the gig, and nothing that we could say here would enable our readers to dispense with its presence on their shelves. To those practitioners who minister to the ailments of the dyspeptic and the neurotic its guidance must be very great. . . . The well arranged index by which it is accompanied will enable the perplexed and busy practitioner to find a readier solution of the difficulties that are incidental to these constituents of the economy than we could possibly hope to offer or afford him. We think the book is a good one.' - Medical Press.

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