Characters. - Colourless right rhombic prisms, not deliquescent, of a saline feebly alkaline taste, not corrosive.

Reactions and Tests. - It gives the reactions of a bicarbonate (p. 594 and of potassium (p. 603) and those showing the absence of impurities.

20 grains Bicarbonate of Potassium neutralise

14 grains Citric Acid, or

15 grains Tartaric Acid.

Dose. - 10 to 40 grains.

Preparation. B.P. liquor Potassae Effervescens (Potash water)............30 grs. in 1 pint. Uses. - Solutions of bicarbonate of potassium may be used externally to relieve itching. Internally it is given in dyspepsia, rheumatism, gout, and scalding depending upon excessive acidity of the urine with presence of uric acid, or in cases of deposit of this acid in the urinary passages.