The sliced or rasped heart-wood of Pterocarpus santalinus. Ceylon.

Santalum Rubrum, U.S.P. Red Saunders. - The wood of Pterocarpus santalinus.

Characters. - The wood is in billets, chips, or powder. It resembles logwood in appearance, but is denser, and the cut surface is more glistening and of a deeper red colour.

Composition. - It contains a fine ruby colouring matter named santalin, which may be dissolved out by spirit, ether, acetic acid, etc.; it is insoluble in water.




Tinctura Lavandulae Composita.................

1/2-2 fl. dr.

U.S.P. Not given.

Use. - It is used to give colour to the compound tincture of lavender, and through this to Liquor arsenicalis.