Characters. - A heavy, amorphous, light-yellowish powder, unaltered by light if pure, but generally becoming somewhat greenish-yellow, without odour and taste.

Solubility. - It is insoluble in water, alcohol, diluted acids or in solution of carbonate of ammonium. Soluble in about 2,500 parts of stronger water of ammonia.

Reactions. - It is dissolved by an aqueous solution of cyanide of potassium and the resulting solution yields a black precipitate with hydrosulphuric acid or sulphide of ammonium (silver). If a small quantity of chlorine water be agitated with an excess of the salt, the filtrate acquires a dark blue colour on the addition of gelatinised starch (iodide).

Dose. - 1 to 2 grains.

Use. - It has been used instead of nitrate of silver in irritability of the stomach, dysmenorrhea, and epilepsy.