The seed of Cucurbita Pepo.

Characters. - About 3/4 inch long, broadly ovate, flat, whitish, nearly smooth, with a shallow groove parallel to the edge; inodorous, bland, and oily.

Composition. - It is probable that the active principle is a resin contained in the endopleuron or greenish envelope immediately surrounding the embryo. This resin is dissolved and rendered more active by castor oil, which should be given before and after the anthelmintic. The decorticated seeds, as well as the oil derived from them, are bland and unirritating.

Dose. - An ounce or an ounce and a half. The seeds may be crushed, and flavoured with some aromatic oil.

Uses. - It is an excellent anthelmintic for the removal of tapeworm. It should be given the first thing in the morning after a very light supper, and should be followed in two or three hours by an active purgative. No solid food should be taken until two hours after the purgative.