Citric Acid 8, Water 8, Spirit Of Lemon 4, Syrup 980.

Action and Uses. - Citric acid, from the agreeable taste of its solution in water, is used for drinking in fever to allay thirst, either alone or with alkaline bicarbonates as effervescing drinks. It is also used in scurvy, as it is supposed by some to be the ingredient to which lemon-juice owes its curative properties in that disease.

B.P. Oxalic Acid, Purified. H2C2O4.2H2O;126.

Dissolve 1 pound of commercial oxalic acid in 30 fluid ounces of boiling distilled water, filter the solution, and set it aside to crystallise. Pour off the liquor, and dry the crystals by exposure to the air on filtering paper placed on porous bricks.

Test. - It is entirely dissipated by a heat below 350° F.

Uses. - As a test.

Standard Solution of Oxalic Acid, B.P. and U.S.P. - 63 grammes dissolved in water to 1000 c.c.