Characters. - Colourless opaque rods or tablets, very deliquescent and caustic.

Solubility. - It is soluble almost entirely in water, alcohol, and ether. Reactions. - The watery solution gives the reactions of zinc and of a chloride (p. 594).

Preparation containing Chloride of Zinc Liquor Zinci Chloridi ..................366 grains in one fluid ounce.

liquor Zinci Chloridi, B. and U.S.P. Solution of Chloride of Zinc, ZnCl2; 135.7, U.S.P. Prepared like the solid, but not so much evaporated.

Uses. - It is a powerful caustic distinguished by its property of burning deeply and not spreading sidewise like many others. It is applied, in substance, or made into a paste with starch or gypsum, to cancers, sloughing or unhealthy sores, and naevi.. Diluted it is applied to ulcers.

It has been used to destroy the exposed pulp in decayed teeth, warty growths, condylomata, syphilitic sores, and lupus. In the proportion of one to two grains in a pint of water it has been recommended by Ringer as an injection in gonorrhoea.

Burnett's (Sir W.) disinfectant and deodorising solution is solution of chloride of zinc (of sp. gr. 2), and it is by the accidental use of this, that most cases of zinc-poisoning occur.