For the stomach - sodium salicylate, 10 grains (0.7 gm.); resor-cinol, 10 grains (0.7 gm.); sodium sulphocarbolate, 10 grains (0.7 gm.); creosote, 5 minims (0.3 c.c.); aromatic oils, 5 minims (0.3 c.c.).

For the intestines - acetyl-salicylic acid, salol, naphthalin, beta-naphthol, trimethol, or ichthyol, in dose of 5 grains (0.3 gm.) several times a day.

After absorption - to have a remote local effect in their excretion.

(a) Urinary tract - certain of the volatile oil series (turpentine, balsam of copaiba, oil of sandalwood, cubebs, buchu, uva-ursi), hexamethylenamine (urotropin), benzoates, salol.

(b) Respiratory tract - volatile oil series (turpentine, terpin hydrate, cubebs, tar, creosote).

(c) In other secretions or body fluids - no known drug. Hexamethylenamine, formerly employed, has been proven worthless.