Definition. - The wood of Picrasma excelsa (Swz.) Plancon, known commercially as Jamaica quassia or of Quassia amara L., known commercially as Surinam quassia.

Description and Properties. - In the shops it is usually met with in the form of chips or raspings of a yellowish-white color, or in billets (Surinam). Quassia contains two bitter principles - quassin and picrasmin. It contains no tannin.

Dose. - 10-30 grains (0.6-2.0 Gm.) [7 1/2 grains (0.55 Gm.), U. S. P.].

Official Preparations

Extractum Quassiae - Extracti Quassiae - Extract of Quassia. - Dose, 1-3 grains (0.065-0.2 Gm.).

Fluidextractum Quassiae - Fluidextracti Quassiae - Fluidextract of Quassia. - Dose, 10-30 minims (0.6-2.0 Cc.) [average dose, 8 minims (0.5 Cc), U. S. P.].

Tinctura Quassiae - Tincturas Quassiae - Tincture of Quassia. - Dose, 30 minims (2 Cc).