Calcii Sulphas Exsiccatus.Dried Calcium Sulphate. Synonyms. - Dried Gypsum. Plaster of Paris.


A powder containing about 95 per cent., by weight, of Calcium Sulphate (CaSo4=l35.73), and about 5 per cent. of water, prepared from the purer varieties of native Gypsum (CaSo4-(-2H2O=l7l.65), by heating until about three-fourths of the water has been expelled.


An amorphous white powder, without taste or odor, and when mixed with half its weight of water it forms a smooth paste, which rapidly hardens. Solubility. - In about 410 parts of water; insoluble in Alcohol.

Dried Calcium Phosphate is used to prepare Calx Sulphurata.

Uses of Dried Calcium Sulphate. Dried Calcium sulphate is used for making casts of deformities and injuries, and for making immovable bandages and apparatus for injuries and diseases when immobilization is necessary.

l60 Inorganic Materia Medica.