Calx Sulphurata. Sulphurated Lime. Synonym. - Crude Calcium Sulphide. A mixture containing at least 60 per cent. of Calcium Monosulphide (CaS=71.89), together with unchanged Calcium Sulphate (CaSo4=l35.73), and Carbon, in varying proportions.


Obtained by heating a mixture of Calcium Sulphate, 70; Charcoal, 10; and Starch, 2.


A pale gray powder, exhaling a faint odor of Hydrogen Sulphide, having a nauseous, alkaline taste, and gradually decomposed by exposure to air. Solubility. - Very slightly in water; insoluble in alcohol.

Dose, 1/10 to 1/2 gr.; .006 to .03 gm.