Sulphur Praecipitatum. Precipitated Sulphur. Synonym. - Milk of Sulphur. Lac Sulphuris.


Boil Sublimed Sulphur, 100; with Slaked Lime, 50; in water. 6S2+3Ca(OH)2=2CaS5+CaS2O3+3H2O. This gives a solution containing Calcium Sulphide and Calcium Hyposulphite. To it Hydrochloric Acid is added, and Sulphur is thrown down as a very fine precipitate. 2CaS5+ 4HCl=2CaCl3+4S2 2H2S. Wash and dry the precipitate.


A fine, amorphous powder of a pale yellow color, without odor or taste.


Calcium sulphate, which makes it gritty.

Dose, 15 to 60 gr.; 1. to 4. gm.