They are Sulphuric, Nitric, Hydrochloric, Nitrohydro-chloric, Phosphoric, Acetic, Tartaric, Citric and Lactic acids. Hypo-phosphorous, Hydriodic and Hydrobromic acids might be placed here, but they have already been considered see pp. 240, 248 and 258.

Class II

Those which, although feebly acid, are powerfully antiseptic. They are Sulphurous and Boric acids.

Diluted Hydrocyanic, Carbolic, Benzoic, Gallic, Tannic, Oleic and Salicylic acids are not used as acids, and will be considered under other headings.

Arsenous Acid and Chromic Acid are not true acids; they are Anhydrides, and have already been considered (see 223 and 234).