Therapeutics Of Copaiba


Genito-urinary tract. - Copaiba, or more usually its oil, is largely used to stimulate and disinfect this part of the body in cases of pyelitis, vaginitis, and gonorrhoea. It is often prescribed for this last disease, and is best given when the acute symptoms have subsided, otherwise it may increase them.

Kidneys. - The resin is an admirable diuretic for hepatic and cardiac dropsy, but because of its liability to irritate the kidneys should not be given in Bright's disease. After a time patients seem to become accustomed to it, for the diuresis is not so marked as at first. It is disagreeable and difficult to make palatable. Fifteen grains 1. gm. of the resin with 20 minims 1.20 c.c. of alcohol, 15 grains 1. gm. of tragacanth to suspend it, and a fluid drachm 4. c.c. of syrup of ginger in an ounce 30. c.c. of water may be given for a dose.

Bronchial mucous membrane. - Copaiba is occasionally used as a disinfectant expectorant when the secretion is very foul - as, for example, when the bronchial tubes are dilated.

Skin. - Copaiba has been given in chronic skin diseases, as psoriasis, for the cutaneous stimulation caused by it, but it is now quite discarded.

The reasons why it is rarely used except in gonorrhoea, for which it would not be employed if it had not such a strongly marked beneficial action, are that the smell of the breath of those taking it is very disagreeable, it is very unpleasant to the taste, and often causes indigestion.