Synonyms. - Colophony. Rosin. The residue left after distilling off the Volatile Oil from Turpentine.


A transparent, amber-colored substance, hard, brittle, pul-verizable; fracture glossy and shallow-conchoidal; odor and taste faintly tere-binthinate. Sp. gr., 1.070 to 1.080.


In Alcohol, Ether, and fixed or volatile oils; also in solution of Potassium or Sodium Hydrate.


Resin may be considered as containing Abietic Acid Anhydride, C44H64O5, 80 to 90 per cent.

Resin is contained in Ceratum Cantharidis.


1. Ceratum Resinae. - Resin Cerate. Synonym. - Basilicon Ointment. Resin, 350; Yellow Wax, 150; Lard, 500. Resin Cerate is contained in Linimentum Terebinthinae.

2. Emplastrum Resinae. - Resin Plaster. Synonym. - Adhesive Plaster. Resin, 140; Lead Plaster, 800; Yellow Wax, 60. Resin Plaster is contained in Emplastrum Arnicae, Emplastrum Belladonna?, and Emplastrum Capsici.

Action And Therapeutics Of Resin

Resin is antiseptic and slightly stimulant, and is, therefore, an excellent application for indolent ulcers, sores and wounds. Resin soap is formed by boiling together in an evaporating dish for two hours: resin, 6; caustic soda, 1; and water, 2.5; separating the soap by a strainer, and drying on a water-bath. It may be used as an emulsifying agent, but the taste is very disagreeable.