Synonym. - Fel Tauri. The fresh bile of Bos Taurus Linne (class Mammalia; order Buminantia).




A brownish-green or dark-green, somewhat viscid liquid, having a peculiar, unpleasant odor, and a disagreeable, bitter taste. Sp. gr., 1.018 to 1.028. Dose, 5 to 15 gr.; .30 to 1.00 gin.


Fel Bovis Purificatum. Purified Oxgall


Evaporate Oxgall, 300, to 100; add Alcohol, 100. Decant, filter, and after distillation of the Alcohol, evaporate.


A yellowish-green, soft solid, having a peculiar odor, and a partly sweet and partly bitter taste.


Very soluble in water and in Alcohol.

Dose, 5 to 15 gr.; .30 to 1.00 gm.

Action Of Oxgall

Oxgall when added to albuminous solutions delays their decomposition. It aids in the absorption of fats. If given by the mouth it is mostly absorbed from the intestine and acts as a chol-agogue.

Animal Purgatives. 68 I

Therapeutics Of Oxgall

Oxgall has been used as a cholagogue purgative in cases of constipation, in which the pale color of the faeces indicates a deficient secretion of bile. It has also been used as an antiseptic in typhoid fever and in intestinal fermentation. An enema of twenty grains 1.20 gm. or more dissolved in an ounce or two 30. to 60. c.c. of water is very useful in case of impacted faeces, in which the rectum is so full that there is not sufficient room for a larger enema. One to two ounces; 30. to 60. gm. of oxgall in a pint; 500 c.c., of water would be much more likely to be successful. According to Fraser bile has some antitoxic power with reference to the poisons produced by pathogenic micro-organisms.