A saccharine secretion deposited in the honey-comb by Apis mellifica Linne (class Insecta; order Hymenoptera).




A syrupy liquid of a light yellowish to pale yellowish-brown color, translucent when fresh, but gradually becoming opaque and crystalline, having a characteristic, aromatic odor, and a sweet, faintly acrid taste.


The chief constituents are - (1) Dextrose or Grape Sugar. (2) Glucose or Fruit Sugar. (3) Wax. (4) Volatile oil. (5) Formic Acid, a minute quantity.


Mel Despumatum. Clarified Honey

Melt Honey in a water-bath, and strain while hot, adding 5 per cent. of Glycerin.

Clarified Honey is contained in Confectio Rosae and Mel Rosae. Dose, freely.

Action And Therapeutics Of Honey

Honey is a demulcent, relieving dryness of the mouth and facilitating swallowing. Oxymel, clarified honey 8, acetic acid 1, water 1, is a useful preparation. It is a common ingredient of cough mixtures. Honey is a mild laxative, and may be given to children for this purpose.