B. P., not official. - The air-dried product of the action of boiling water on gelatinous tissues, as skin, tendons, ligaments. and bone.


In translucent sheets or shreds. The solution in hot water is colorless and inodorous; it solidifies to a jelly on cooling. It is insoluble in Alcohol and Ether. Its aqueous solution is precipitated by Tannic Acid.

Uses of Gelatin.

Gelatin is useful as a basis for suppositories, pessaries, bougies, capsules, lozenges, and as a coating for pills. Glycogelatin (gelatin, 2; glycerin, 5; orange flower water, 5; colored with carmine) is an excellent basis for throat pastilles. Each should weigh 30 gr. 2. gm.. Almost any drug can be incorporated in such pastilles. Medicated gelatin is often melted and painted on the skin in cutaneous diseases.