B. P., not official. - C4H5C13 O+H2O=192.91. Synonym. - Croton Chloral Hydrate. (This is a misnomer. )


Dry Chlorine Gas is passed through Aldehyde. Butyl-chloral (C4H6Cl3O) is formed. It is separated by fractional distillation, and water is added.


Pearly-white, crystalline scales, with a nauseous taste and a pungent odor like chloral. Solubility. - In 50 parts of water; freely in Alcohol and Glycerin.


All alkalies.

Dose, 5 to 20 gr.; .30 to 1.20 gm.

Action and Therapeutics of Butyl-Chloral Hydrate

The action of this drug is exactly similar to that of chloral, but butyl-chloral hydrate is less certain in its effects. It is said to be less depressant to the heart, but this is doubtful. It has a specific action in relieving neuralgia of the fifth nerve.