Spirit of Glonoin. Synonym. - Spirit of Nitroglycerin. An alcoholic solution of Glonoin, Glyceryl (or Propenyl) trinitrate, Nitroglycerin, or Trinitrin; C3H5(No3)3=226.58, containing I per cent., by weight, of the substance.


Nitroglycerin is prepared by gradually adding dehydrated Glycerin to Nitric and strong Sulphuric Acid, the result being Propenyl trinitrate or Trinitroglycerin. C3H5(OH)3+3Hno3=C3H5(No3)3+3H2O.

Itseparates as an oily layer which is washed with water and with dilute soda solution to remove all acid.


A clear, colorless liquid, possessing the odor and taste of Alcohol. Caution should be exercised in tasting it, since even a small quantity of it is liable to produce a violent headache. The same effect is produced when it is freely applied to the skin. Sp. gr., 0.826 to 0.832.

Dose, 1 to 3 m.; .06 to .20 c.c

Action and Therapeutics of Glonoin

Its action is the same as that of amyl nitrite, except that in many animals, and probably in man, large doses do not form methaemoglobin in the blood; the effects of spirit of glonoin are more persistent, and as it is only suitable for internal administration, they are slower in their onset. It is largely taken by persons liable to cardiac pains with the object of warding off the attack, and often such persons require and bear large doses. Its most important use is for the relief of symptoms associated with the high tension pulse of chronic renal degeneration. Here the dose should be rapidly increased until relief is obtained. Occasionally it does good in asthma. It is really a glycerin nitrate, but certainly physiologically it belongs to the class of nitrites; therefore, probably, directly it gets into the body sodium nitrite is formed.