Melissa. - Synonym. - Balm. The leaves and tops of Melissa officinalis Linne (nat. ord. Labiatae).


Asia Minor, Southern Europe; naturalized in the United States; cultivated.


Leaves long, petiolate, ovate, obtuse founded or subcor-dateatthe base, crenate, somewhat hairy, glandular; branches quadrangular; flowers in about four-flowered cymules, with a tubular, bell-shaped, five-toothed calyx, a whitish or purplish bilabiate corolla, and four stamens; fragrant, aromatic; somewhat astringent and bitterish.


1) Volatile Oil, 1/4 per cent. (2) Tannic Acid. (3) Bitter principle.

Dose, 1 to 2 dr.; 4. to 8. gm.

Uses of Balm. Balm is used as a flavoring agent.