The fruit of Rubus idaeus Linne (nat. ord. Rosaceae).


Europe and Asia; cultivated.


Deprived of the conical receptacle, and therefore hollow at the base; hemispherical, red, finely hairy, composed of from twenty to thirty coalesced, small drupes, each one crowned with the withered style; juice red; of an agreeable odor, and a pleasant, acidulous taste.


1) Volatile oil, a trace. (2) Citric and Malic Acids. (3) Sugar, about 5 per cent (4) Pectin.


Syrupus Rubi Idaei. Syrup Of Raspberry

Fresh ripe raspberries (filtered juice), 40; Sugar, 60. Dose, indefinite.

Uses of Raspberry. Raspberry syrup is used chiefly as a flavoring agent.