A fixed oil expressed from the seed of Gossypium herbaceum Linne, and other species of Gossypium (nat. ord. Mai-vaceae), and subsequently purified.


Asia and Africa; cultivated.


A pale yellow, oily liquid, without odor, and having a bland, nut-like taste and neutral reaction. Sp. gr., 0.920 to 0.930.


Slighly soluble in Alcohol, but readily soluble in Ether, Chloroform, or Carbon Disulphide.


1) Olein. (2) Palmitin. (3) Coloring matter.

Cotton Seed Oil is used in Linimentum Ammoniae and Linimentum Cam-phorae.

Action And Uses Of Cotton Seed Oil

This is used simply as a bland, nutritious oil, and in liniments.