Synonym. - Cacao Butter. A fixed oil expressed from the seed of Theobroma Cacao Linne (nat ord. Sterculiaceae).


South America.


A yellowish-white solid, having a faint, agreeable odor, and a bland, chocolate-like taste. Sp. gr., 0.970 to 0.980.


Readily in Ether or Chloroform; also soluble in 100 parts of Alcohol.


The chief constituents are - (1) Stearin. (2) Olein. (3) Theobromine, an alkaloid, C7H8N4O2. (4) Formic, Acetic and Butyric Acid Glycerides.

Uses of Oil of Theobroma.

Oil of theobroma is used to make suppositories, and as a source of stearic acid. It is also used by inunction to improve the nutrition of the body.