Sambucus. - Synonym. - Elder. The flowers of Sambucus canadensis Linne (nat ord. Caprifoliacea).


North America, west to the Rocky Mountains, in damp places.


The flowers, when fresh, about 5 mm. broad, and after drying shrivelled; calyx superior, minutely five-toothed; corolla originally cream-colored, after drying pale brownish-yellow, wheel-shaped and five-lobed, with five stamens on the short tube; odor peculiar; taste sweetish, somewhat aromatic and bitterish.


The chief constituents are - (I) A resin. (2) Valerianic Acid. (3) A volatile oil.

Dose, 1/4 to 1 dr.; 2. to 4. gm.

Action And Therapeutics Of Sambucus

Elder flowers are used to flavor medicines, and are gently-stimulant and diaphoretic.