(Not official.) - The bean of Soja hispida.


Japan; cultivated in Southern Asia.


Soluble Casein, 30; Albumin, 0.5; Insoluble Casein, 7; Fat, 18; Cholesterin, 2; Water, 10; Dextrin, 10; Starch, 5; Cellulose, 5; Ash, 5; and a powerful amylolytic ferment. These are powdered and made into a flour, from which bread and biscuits are prepared. The flour contains but very little starch or sugar, sometimes not more than 2 or 4 per cent.

Action And Therapeutics Of Soja Bean

Bread and biscuits made from the flour are used in the treatment of diabetes as a substitute for gluten bread; and many patients prefer the taste. They are quite as efficacious in reducing the amount of sugar passed in the urine.