Sumbul. - Synonym. - Musk Root. The root of Ferula Sumbul (Kauffmann) Hooker filius (nat. ord. Umbelliferae).


Central and Northeastern Asia.


In transverse segments, varying in diameter from about 2 to 7 cm., and in length from 15 to 30 mm.; light, spongy, annulate or longitudinally wrinkled; bark thin, brown, more or less bristly fibrous; the interior whitish, with numerous brownish-yellow resin dots and irregular, easily separated fibres; odor strong, musk-like; taste bitter and balsamic


The chief constituents are - (1) A volatile oil. (2) Two Resins. (3) Valerianic Acid. (4) Sumbulic and Angelic Acids.


Tinctura Sumbul. Tincture Of Sumbul

Sumbul, 100; by maceration and percolation with Alcohol and Water to 1000. Dose, 1 to 4 fl. dr.; 4. to 15. c.c.

Action And Therapeutics Of Sumbul

The action of sumbul is the same as that of volatile oils in general. It is only used internally, and is given as a carminative in flatulence. It is also employed in much the same class of cases as valerian - that is to say, in neurotic conditions, hysteria, etc. In Russia it is given chiefly as a stimulant in typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhoea, etc., for the same purposes as musk is employed in many other countries.