(Not official.) - C11H15No3=208.56. Synonym. - Lactylparaphenetidine. C6H4Oc2h5nhcoch(OH)Ch3=208.56.


Lactophenin differs from Phenacetin only by the substitution of Lactic for Acetic Acid.


A white, tasteless powder. Solubility. - In 330 parts of water.

Dose, 10 to 15 gr.; .60 to 1.00 gm.

Action and Uses of Lactophenin

Lactophenin is an analgesic and antithermic. It is usually better borne than antipyrin. Although it may, in some instances, give rise to sweating, it does not cause collapse nor cyanosis. It produces a considerable and persistent lowering of a febrile temperature, but without abundant perspiration, and its use is not followed by chilly sensations. It has been administered in articular rheumatism, influenza, scarlet fever, septicaemia and other infectious diseases. Von Jaksch has obtained excellent results in typhoid fever, with daily doses from 7 to 15 gr.; .50 to 1.00 gm., not only in reducing the fever, but as a sedative when delirium becomes a prominent symptom.