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Chbr3=252.25. Synonym. - Tri-bromomethane.


By the action of Sodium Hypobromite (which is obtained when Bromine is added to a solution of Sodium Hydroxide) on Acetone.


A clear, colorless liquid, of a peculiar odor, and a sweetish taste. Sp. gr., 2.90. Solubility. - Slightly in water, but readily in Alcohol. It must be kept protected from light.

Dose, 1 to 5 m.; .06 to .30 c.c.

Action and Uses of Bromoform

Bromoform, an analogue of chloroform, is an anaesthetic. Inhaled, it produces anaesthesia in animals, but of shorter duration than that of ether or chloroform. It is a remedy of value for whooping-cough, for which its pleasant taste and convenience of administration gives it great advantage. It can be given - bromoform, 1; in a mixture of alcohol, 8; glycerin, 48; and compound tincture of cardamom, 8. Each fluid drachm; 4 c.c, contains about 3 minims; .20 c.c. of the drug. Cases of poisoning have been reported, so that it must be used with care.