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C20H24O2I2=548.38. Synonyms. - Di-thymoldiiodide. Annidalin.


It is prepared by the decomposition of a solution of Iodine in Potassium Iodide, by Thymol dissolved in a solution of Sodium Hydroxide. The precipitate is washed with water and dried. It contains 46 per cent of Iodine.


An amorphous brownish-red, almost tasteless powder, of a slight, peculiar, iodine-like odor. Solubility. - Insoluble in water and Glycerin; soluble in Ether and Chloroform; with difficulty soluble in Alcohol; it is readily taken up by fixed oils and Petrolatum.

Action and Uses of Aristol

It is used for the same purposes as is iodoform in various skin diseases, as lupus, psoriasis and for tertiary syphilis, both in ointment, lanolin, flexible collodion and as a powder. It has the very great advantage of being nearly free from odor. In surgery when dusted upon serous membranes it tends to prevent their adhesion.