Synonyms. - Lanolin. Cesypum. The purified fat of the wool of sheep ( Ovis Aries, Linne; class Mammalia; order Huminantia), mixed with not more than 30 per cent. of water.




Sheep's wool is. treated with a weak soda solution, and the solution acidulated. The remaining wool is treated with Benzin, the liquid distilled, and the residue deprived of color by oxidizing agents, or sunlight.


A yellowish-white or nearly white, ointment-like mass, having a faint, peculiar odor.


Insoluble in water, but miscible with twice its weight of the latter, without losing its ointment-like character.


Its chief constituents are - (1) Cholesterin, C26H43(OH). (2) Ethers of Stearic, Palmitic, Oleic, Valerianic and other acids.

Action And Therapeutics Of Hydrous Woolfat

Hydrous wool-fat when gently rubbed in the skin is more quickly absorbed than most fats, hence it is a useful basis if we wish to administer substances - as, for example, mercury - by inunction. It is undoubtedly soothing to the skin, and often makes an excellent basis for ointments expected to act especially upon the skin.