The swimming-bladder of Acipenser Huso Linne, and of other species of Acipenser (class Pisces; order Sturiones).


Caspian and Black Seas and tributary rivers.


In separate sheets, sometimes rolled, of a horny or pearly appearance; whitish or yellowish, semi-transparent, iridescent, inodorou and insipid.


Almost entirely soluble in boiling water and in boi ing diluted Alcohol. A solution of Isinglass in 24 parts of boiling wat forms, on cooling, a transparent jelly.


1) Gelatin {Gluten), 98 per cent. (2) Insoluble mer brane, about 2 per cent.

Dose, freely.


Emplastrum Ichthyocollae. Isinglass Plaster. Court Plaster

Synonym.- Court plaster. Isinglass, 10; Alcohol, 40; Glycerin, 1; Hot Water sufficient for solution. To be applied with a brush upon taffeta, previously coated on the back with Tincture of Benzoin.

Uses of Isinglass.

Isinglass is an emollient and nutritive substance, and is chiefly used externally as a protective. A better court plaster has goldbeaters' skin as a base.