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(C10H6Ohso3)2Ca+3H2O=538.83. Synonym. - Calcium Beta-naphtol alpha-monosulphonate.


By action of free Sulphuric Acid on Beta-Naphtol, neutralizing this product with Calcium Carbonate, concentration and crystallization.


A colorless, or yellowish-white, crystalline powder, of a slightly bitter taste, becoming darker on exposure to light. Solubility. - In 1.5 parts of water; in 3 parts of Alcohol.

Dose, 15 to 60 gr.; 1. to 4. gm.

Action and Uses of Asaprol

Asaprol is an useful, soluble and safe antiseptic. It is valuable in epidemic influenza, relieving the pain and reducing the fever, not giving rise to prostration nor interference with the heart or respiration. In atonic dyspepsia, when fermentation alternates with acid eructations, it has achieved brilliant results. Since it is not irritating to the alimentary mucous membranes, it can advantageously replace naphtol. In chronic rheumatism it will relieve the pain of an acute exacerbation. In acute rheumatism, although it does not present the disadvantages of the salicylates, it is not so useful, nor so uniformly successful.