Acidum Tannicum

Tannic Acid

Tannic acid. Tanin, Fr.; Tanninum, Ger.

Tannic acid has a yellowish-white color and strongly astringent taste. It is soluble in about 1 part of water, in 0·6 part of alcohol, and in 1 part of glycerin with a moderate heat. Its solution reddens litmus, and produces, with solution of gelatin, a white, flocculent precipitate; with the salts of the sesquioxide of iron a bluish-black precipitate; and with solutions of the alkaloids white precipitates, very soluble in acetic acid. Dose, gr. j— Э j.

Collodium Stypticum

Styptic collodion. (Tannic acid, 20 grm.; alcohol, 5c. c; stronger ether, 25 c. c; collodion, q. s. to make 100 c. c.)

Trochisci Acidi Tannici

Troches of tannic acid. (Each troche contains one grain of tannic acid.)

Unguentum Acidi Tannici

Ointment of tannic acid. (Tannin, 20 grm.; benzoinated lard, 80 grm.)

Glyceritum Acidi Tannici

Glycerite of tannic acid. (Tannic acid, 20 grm.; glycerin, 80 grm.)