Kousso. The female inflorescence of Hagenia abyssinica Bruce (Nat. Ord. Rosaceae). (U. S. P.) Brayére anthelminthique, Fr.; Kussoblüthen, Ger.

Extractum Cusso Fluidum

Fluid extract of cusso. Dose, 3 ij

Infusum Brayerae

Infusion of cusso (six parts to one hundred of water). Dose, oz iv— oz viij—Oj, or more. (Not official.)


Brayera contains an active principle (kosin, or koussin), which crystallizes in rhombic prisms. Kosin appears to be inert of itself, and is active only when combined with the other constituents of the drug.

Actions and Uses

Kousso is used solely as an anthelmintic. Opinions vary as to its utility. On the whole, it may be said that the first enthusiasm which attended its introduction into practice has died away. It brings the segments, but rarely expels the head of the parasite. It is necessary to take it in large quantity—half an ounce— mixed with water. It is retained with difficulty, and produces much intestinal distress. When successful, the worm is brought away without the action of a purgative.