Liquor Sodii Ethylatis. Contains 18% of sodium ethylate, NaC2H5O. A colourless syrupy liquid made by cautiously dissolving sodium in absolute alcohol. Incompatible with water.

Spiritus. (With a dose of 5 - 20 min. Anisi, Cajuputi, Cam-phorae, Cinnamomi, Lavandulae. Menthę Piperitę, Myristicę; dose of 5 - 20 or 30 - 40 min. Chloroformi; dose, 20 - 60 min. Juniperi; dose, 20 - 40 or 60 - 90 min. Ętheris, Athens Comp., Atheris Nitrosi, Ammonię Aromaticus, Ammonię Fetidus; dose, 1 - 2 fl. dr. Armoracię Comp.; without stated dose, Rosmarini (5 - 30 min.), Rectificatus, Vini Gallici.)

Spiritus Aetheris Nitrosi. Spirit of Nitrous Ether. (Sweet Spirit of Nitre). Dose, if repeated, 20 - 40 min.; 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 c.c: for a single administration, 60 - 90 min.; 4 - 6 c.c.

An alcoholic solution containing ethyl nitrite, aldehyde and other substances. An inflammable limpid liquid, of a faint yellow colour, and with a peculiar, penetrating apple-like odour, and a characteristic taste. Often slightly acid in reaction due to free nitrous acid.

Incompatibles, alkali hydrates; if acid hypophosphites, sulphites chlorates, iodides, ammonium bromide, mercurous salts, permanganates, antipyrine, acetanilid, salicylates, tannic acid, thymol, morphine guaiacum, acetates.

Spiritus Rectificatus. (See Alcohol p. 31).

Staphisagriae Semina. Stavesacre Seeds. The dried ripe seeds of Delphinium Staphisagria. Irregularly triangular or quadrangular, brownish seeds, with no marked odour and a nauseous, bitter acrid taste.

Unguentum Staphisagrię. - 20; Yellow Beeswax, 10; Benzoated Lard, 85.