Sinapis. Mustard. The dried ripe seeds of Brassica nigra and B. alba powdered and mixed. A greenish yellow powder, with a bitter pungent taste, and a pungent odour when moist.

1Charta Sinapis. Mustard Paper. The bruised seeds are per colated with benzol to remove the fixed oil. The residue is dried, powdered, mixed with the solution of India rubber and spread upon cartridge paper and dried.

Sinapis Albae Semina. White Mustard Seed. The dried ripe seeds of Brassica alba. Very small, pale yellow seeds, in taste less pungent than the black mustard.

Sinapis Nigra, Semina. Black Mustard Seed. The dried ripe seeds of Brassica nigra. Very small, dark brown, spherical seeds: taste bitter and pungent: odourless until ground with water, when the sini-grin is broken up by the ferment myrosin, and the pungent volatile oil, allylisothiocyanate is produced.

2Oleum Sinapis Volatile. Distilled from the seeds after maceration with water. Colourless or pale yellow oil, with an intensely penetrating odour and an acrid taste; almost immediately vesicates the skin.

3linimentum Sinapis

4; Camphor, 6; Castor Oil, 14; Alcohol, 86.